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"Wild" Exhilaration...

I am a mostly self taught artist living in Orlando Florida and have been drawing and painting since childhood where I grew up in Massachusetts.  Art has always been an outlet for me to connect with things that have captured my imagination. 

Wildlife has always been a source of exhilaration, from seeing a raccoon or neighborhood bird to glancing to the side of the road in Namibia and seeing a herd of elephants quietly foraging along the treeline!


Additionally, the tranquility I feel when looking at mountains, the ocean, forest or architecture is something I instinctively desire to convey through painting.  To me, my art is sharing the feeling of happiness.

It is my sincerest hope that when someone sees one of my paintings, they are able to feel some of the same joyfulness I have about the wildlife and landscapes that touch my heart.


My painting is "realistic" in nature, but my aim is to use paint colors, textures and brush strokes to communicate the emotions behind the painting's subject.  


Thank you ... well for visiting and showing interest in my artwork. 

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