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Testimonials - What our Clients are Saying...

I wanted to let you know that your painting arrived and I appreciate the care you gave to packaging it so that it would not get damaged.

My mom received it today and I cannot tell you how happy she was. She really, really loved it. She was very surprised. She wanted me to thank you for it. She is so happy to have her first ever original piece of art.


And thank you so much again for the painting! 

-Ashley  - Roanoke VA, USA

DShell Painting_edited.jpg

“I don’t have many photos of myself and siblings when I was younger. I wanted a painting that would capture one of the happiest moments from my childhood.  I told Matt what I remembered from this moment. He was not only able to bring this scene to life for me through his painting but he allowed me to meet the little girl who I need to remember more often.”


- Kesha T., Worcester, Massachusetts USA

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